Question & Answer:

If some of you is asking if I have kids.

The answer is No. I don't have kids. I'm a Virgen. 



Pregunta & Respuesta:

Si algunos de ustedes están preguntando si tengo niños. La respuesta es No. Yo no tengo niños. 

Yo soy Virgen y soltera.


Ana Mendoza 



Question & Answer:


If some of you are asking how much Ana Mendoza was paid,  the answer is nothing. From the beginning I have never received anything for being who I Am. I was exploited, abused (they used me and took advantage of me) ,  sabotaged and robbed.  And continue to exploit me, sabotage me and steal from me.  Violated my rights.  It was unfair what they did and what they continue doing. I hope that these injustices STOP and that there are no more abused or exploited children,  women or elderly people  like they are doing it to me.




Si algunos de ustedes estan preguntando cuanto le an pagado a Ana Mendoza, la respuesta es nada.  Desde el principio nunca e recibido nada por ser quien Soy. Fui explotada,  abusada,  ( me utilizaron y se aprovecharon de mi), saboteada y robada. Y continuan explotandome, saboteandome y robandome. Violaron mis derechos. Fue injusto lo que hicieron y lo que continuan haciendo. Espero que estas injusticias paren y que no haiga mas abusos o explotaciones a niños, mujeres o personas mayores como lo estan haciendo conmigo.


Ana Mendoza



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 Thank God    I'm Alive 


June 15, 2023   -  Present


I Am Ana Mendoza:  

I'm a Christian, I'm a woman, I'm single, I've never had a boyfriend, I've never been married, I'm a VIRGIN and I've made the decision to wait until I get married at church with the right man. When I make the decision to get married someday, I will publish it.

I have more than 23 years (approx.) sleeping in an RV that is in a very bad condition, because there is a lot of humidity.😢         I show a video on my YouTube channel: @ AnaMendozafans

I have always had financial problems.

I HAVE ENEMIES , some are relatives, others aren't, they have tried to kill me, they want to eliminate me because they WANT TO TAKE MY PLACE. They WANT TO USE ME to gain FAME or MONEY 💰.   When my life has been in danger,   🙏 Thank God He has protected me, saved me and at that time He place some people to walk next to me and protect me. 👼

I want to thank all my Fans and all the people who Love me.   You deserve to know the TRUTH. Thank you for your support and your prayers. I hope that all these problems get resolved soon.

A book of my Life is going to be publish.  (I hope it will be soon).

At this moment nobody has reach out to me yet, nor has anyone provided me with any help. 


Thank you for your prayers. 





Ana Mendoza